We come to you…no need for you to supply measurements or sketches. We will visit you in your home and listen to any problems that must be considered, as well as your desire for better function to compliment your home, your lifestyle and your personality.

Things we will address on our visit:

What is the best placement for cabinetry, appliances and islands so they create an easy flow?

Will a new design provide better working space or do walls need to be opened to provide more room?

We will discuss your budget and accurate measurements are taken.

And this is the time to bring out the pictures and articles you’ve been saving, hoping to turn them into your dream kitchen someday.


All layouts, architectural plans and perspectives are hand drawn to the finest detail encompassing each requirement for space and elegance.

This information will be the start in putting together an extraordinary custom kitchen that will look spectacular and will work well for your particular style of cooking and entertaining. Whether you are culinary artist or a weekend cook, the look, feel and design of your finished kitchen will exceed your expectations.

Kitchen design is complex and the landscape is constantly evolving. Hiring a professional is perhaps the most valuable investment you will make.